Junior Domestic Finals Information

Final Payments:
As in pre-COVID seasons registration fees didn’t include finals game fees to avoid people getting charged for games they may not play. This means the return on team sheet payments and door fees for the 2 weeks of finals.

As not all facilities will have EFTPOS available, please prepare to pay cash: (Eltham venues without EFTPOS will be: St Helena & Eltham College)

Teamsheet fee (to be paid before the game to the venue supervisors) – $45

Player/Spectator Door Fee – $3
*Pass outs available for those going to multiple venues. Players pay at the venue where they play.

Coaches & Spectators Under 12 – FREE

For finals we ask teams allocate their most competent scorers on the games to help the game run as smoothly as possible.

Qualified Players:
Players had to play 5 games throughout the season (grading included) to qualify for finals. Only qualified players will show up on the i-pads and players are not allowed to be added unless given special permission by the EDJBA.

Fill-in processes are very different when it comes to finals. If you have 5 or less players on Saturday and wish to get fill-ins, the coach or team manager should contact teh Club office ASAP as we need to both find players and submit them to the EDJBA preferably before Friday to make sure we have them approved before the weekend. The use of any unapproved fill-ins will lead to a forfeit of the game.