Rules Of The Game

Rules Of The Game

The rules of basketball are very complex – 96 pages of Official Rules and 112 pages of Official Interpretations.

The rules produced by the world governing body – FIBA – are designed for international competition. Each national, state and domestic competition has its own variations, mainly around timing rules. Some other variations include ball sizes, mixed-competition rules, player eligibility and Technical Foul penalties. It is up to the controlling Association or League to decide which variations it wishes to apply.

At Eltham we apply the FIBA rules, modified for each competition.

It should be noted that FIBA-based rules are quite different in many respects to USA rules, particularly NBA rules. Some standout examples include Over-and-Back violations, Unsportsmanlike Fouls, Goal Tending and Foul counts.

FIBA International Standard Rules

FIBA International Standard Interpretations

EDJBA (Saturday domestic) By-Laws

VJBL (Friday Junior Championship) By-Laws

Eltham Senior Domestic (mid-week) By-laws