Not All Paths To The Top Are The Same

The Club’s Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 outlines ‘Pathways and Opportunities’ as not only a goal, but as part of the vision for the organisation. With that in mind, it is appropriate that a graduate of the junior program who has worked his way through the strong Youth Championship team is the first announcement for the 2020 NBL1 Men’s team.

Eltham Basketball Club is proud to announce the signing of Mark Scherf to the 2020 NBL1 team.

Trevor Lee explains the strategy; “Six years ago in my conversations with the Club upon being appointed (as Head Coach) the strategy we agreed too, was to build a program for short term improvement, which we did; but building a platform for the longer term where our juniors and Youth players knew they had a place in their own club at the top level. The creation of NBL1 probably meant a few players such as Mark stayed in Youth an extra year than planned, as we made the transition up a level; but our long term planning is coming to fruition and I couldn’t be happier to see a talent such as Mark Scherf receive this opportunity.”

Mark is well known as a laid back individual, with amazing athletic capabilities and a proven ability to be a scoring weapon from the perimeter. His added defensive capabilities developed in recent times will see him transition into the NBL1 competition.

Mark didn’t played Junior Championship basketball until he was 15, yet finished his junior career with a National Junior Classic U18 title and a smooth transition via U20’s into the Eltham Youth Championship team, where he has been a key player the last three seasons.

Eltham applied in October 2018 to be a Foundation member of the NBL1 and was awarded a license by Basketball Victoria. Being the only elite level sporting program in Melbourne’s north-east, this program helps confirm basketball as the leading sport in the region both at junior and senior levels. With what is now a clearly defined pathway for members to progress from introductory through to the elite; members can pursue their dreams whilst wearing the famous red and black of the Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club.

Mark Scherf Story