Age Group Convenors

Age Group Convenors

If you have any questions regarding your team, please contact your Age Group Convenor first.

Please see below details for contact information.

Please do not contact the Club Office regarding selection issues. They do not have the information to assist.


Under 9’s – Vanessa Edwards (

Under 11’s – Mannon Nolan-Black (

Under 13’s – Narelle Kent (

Under 15’s – Katrina Read (

Under 17’s – Suze Park (

Under 21’s – Jamie McNamee (

Coordinator – TBC (

Overall Coordinator & Domestic Committee Chair – Paula Hogan (


Under 9’s Kelly Sharple & Rebecca Mayne (

Under 11’s Cherie Hazelman (

Under 13’s Tracey Cole & Matt Evans (

Under 15’s Adam Courouzos & Alysha Naim (

Under 17’s Clare O’Sullivan & Celine Kearney (

Under 21’s Danni Colledge & Celine Kearney (

Coordinator Lara Masters (