Junior Domestic

Junior Domestic



REGISTER: Please read the below information prior to registering (registration link is at bottom of page) 

**Registrations hard close Wednesday 6th September 2023 at 11:55pm**

The season dates planned by the EDJBA are:

– Saturday 7th October 2023 – 23rd March 2024

– Semi-Finals 2nd March 2024

– Preliminary Finals 16th March 2024

– Grand Finals 23rd March 2024

Age groups for the Summer season are:

– U8: players born after 1st July 2015

– U10: players born between 1st July 2013 & 30th June 2015

– U12: players born between 1st July 2011 & 30th June 2013

– U14: players born between 1st July 2009 & 30th June 2011

– U16: players born between 1st July 2007 & 30th June 2009

– U18: players born between 1st July 2005 & 30th June 2007

– U21: players born between 1st July 2002 & 30th June 2005

PlayHQ Registrations

It is important that when registering that you first set up an PlayHQ account as a parent,  you will then register your children as dependents under your own account.

Please use an email that you will likely have long term (as in a personal one and not work or education), you will need this to log in to your account in the future.​ You are also able to add an additional parent to each childs account if you wish.

Important Information


(1.) There are two major types of teams in the Summer Season.

– Pre-arranged or ‘Friendship Teams’ occur when a complete set of players wish to play together or a set of families wish particular members of those families to play together.
– Club Selected Teams. Players who make no friendship specification or nominate no more than four others with whom they wish to play. The members of the team will then  be selected by coaches and Club at an appropriate level according to various criteria.

Additional Team Selection Information – Relevant only for 1.1

– Please clarify that these players are committed to the team. Sometimes there has been confusion because players have indicated they will be involved in two different teams.

– If this involves in playing up an age group to be with others in the team, please acknowledge this when entering online.

– A team has a minimum of seven players. Any less and the Club may add players at their discretion.

– These teams should have a minimum of four agreed feasible training times.

– We welcome pre-arranged and friendship teams but players may be invited by the Club to play in a different team if this is considered appropriate for their development. It is then entirely the family’s decision to accept or decline that invitation.

Additional Team Selection Information

– If friendship choices are made then normally the set of players (2, 3, 4 or 5) will be generally selected at the level of the player of lowest ability. The Club acknowledges reciprocated friendship choices.

– A lot of different criteria are used in selections (see Policy on web site) – athleticism, attitude, reliability, fitting preferred coach style of game, balance in the team, training requests, skills, court intelligence and so on.

– The initial numbering of teams is just our best guess and can be quite misleading.

– A lot of restrictions on training times severely limits the teams for which a player can be chosen. Often players are selected at a lower level because only lower level teams’ training times suit them.

– If a player wishes to be in a selected developmental team it is wise to also make no or very limited friendship choices.

– Late enrolments have to be placed wherever feasible and miss high priority teams.

– If players under 14 and above have a strong preference for either a very serious, learning structured team or relaxed fun-oriented team, they should indicate this.

Terms & Conditions

Conduct must be in accordance with Basketball Victoria’s Codes of Conduct and Eltham Wildcats requirements of Players, Parents and Spectators published on Basketball Victoria and Eltham web sites. These are based on respect for all participants and due processes according to the Club’s Grievances Policy when grievances arise and avoidance of violence or abuse even where there is provocation.

By enrolling & signing the enrolment form players & parents are agreeing to the following conditions:

– Parents should ensure that there are adequate provisions for first aid.

– Co-operate with the requirements of coaches and club officials in games, practices and other Club events.

– Parents are responsible for the supervision of their own children.

– Respect the property of venues at which they play and practice and will be required to pay for any damages they cause.

– Parents acknowledge that there are risks to all participants in an active team sport.

– Parents must advise the club of any relevant medical conditions and in an emergency authorise the club to obtain medical treatment for the child.

Once teams have been published it is unethical and unacceptable for any coach, player, parent or other person acting on their behalf to encourage a player to change to a different team. All requests must come from the family concerned to the relevant convenor.     

Wildcats Refund Policy:

We understand that under possible circumstances, your child may need to withdraw from playing basketball here at the Wildcats. Please read and become aware of our refund policy which applies to all participants within the Wildcats. https://elthamwildcats.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Credit-Refund-Policy-2022.pdf


Each team has a weekly 45-minute training session held at a local venue, typically held after 4:00pm from Monday-Thursday. You can list your child’s availability on the registration form, however the more available your child is to train, the more likely they are to be placed in a suitable team.


The club seeks to be helpful in meeting your families requests but please be aware that all requests also provide limitations. restrictions in terms of available training times may mean missing out on a desirable team that has a coach with a different availability. Friendship choices may mean a less strong team than a player would be otherwise placed.

Any late registrations requests received from 27 August 2023 may not be fulfilled.


Matches are played throughout the day from 8:30am-8:10pm, although as a general rule the younger a team is, the earlier they play. For example, U8-9’s play almost exclusively between 8:30am and 12:40pm, although afternoon games for these age groups can sometimes be arrange by request.

Half of Eltham teams’ matches are played at ‘home’ venues (Eltham High School, Montmorency Secondary, Eltham Leisure Centre, Montmorency South Primary, Eltham College and Viewbank Primary), with the remainder played at neighbouring clubs including Bulleen, Doncaster, Balwyn, Ivanhoe, Banyule, Blackburn, and Warrandyte.


The Wildcats Saturday playing uniform consists of a Wildcats reversible singlet ($55.00) and any pair of plain black basketball shorts ($30). Both items can be purchased from the Wildcats Uniform Shop located at Eltham High School (30-60 Withers Way, Eltham). We will advise via email and social media at a closer date, when and how uniforms will be available to purchase.

Personalised Warm Up Top

Pre-order your personalised summer season Eltham Wildcats warm up top by entering your details on the link below. Short and long sleeve available.

Order now: CLICK HERE.


All players and officials are covered by BV Sports Insurance. However, the benefits, particularly medical benefits, are minor and all participants are advised to take out other health insurance. Parents are expected to supervise young children when at venues or arrange for another parent to do so. Click here for Insurance Information.


All children who complete an enrolment online by the due date are placed in a team. Teams are selected at meetings held with coaches and convenors except where friendship or other choices are made by direct communication between convenor and coach. Late entries are placed on waiting lists and every effort is made to find a team for them. A NEW ENROLMENT MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EVERY SEASON – TWICE A YEAR. Your child will not be placed in a team unless you have completed a registration online.


Once enrolled the most effective method of communication is through the Team Manager to the relevant Age Group Convenor. To cover the 280 teams the Club has nearly 20 Grade Convenors. Your child’s grade convenor’s name and email can be found when the teams are displayed aswell as contacting the office to get contact details.


Payment for Junior Domestic:

There is a $345 enrolment fee which is payable prior to the start of each season. Discounts are available for multiple players (siblings). A late fee will apply to all registrations after Sunday 27th August.

What do your fees pay for?

– External Court Hire

– Court maintenance/servicing

– Game fees for regular season and finals

– Contribution to EDJBA competition Management

– Referees/Venue Supervisor costs

– NEW Junior Teams Support Officer

– NEW Full-Time Gameday and Administration Manager

– Existing Domestic Coaching Structure including 3 dedicated domestic coaching development officers

– Existing Domestic Co-ordinators and Office Staff

Keeping basketball affordable for our community is important to the Eltham Wildcats. If you or your family are experiencing financial difficulties and are struggling to pay for the registration, please reach out to our Business Manager at business@elthamwildcats.net.au


You can assist as referee, coach, typist, fundraiser, team manager, sponsor, etc. Please indicate ways you can help. Let the office know if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.


There is always a need for well-trained referees. New courses are advertised in the PROWL newsletter, on the website and around the stadiums.

Referees deserve our RESPECT. This Club never approves of abuse of referees.


CLOSED – contact Age Group Convenor