Ready 2 Rebound

Ready 2 Rebound

The Wildcats are pleased to present ‘Ready 2 Rebound’ a weekly calendar of basketball action for players of all standards. From the youngest participants at 4 years of age (Cub Squad) through to adults, there is something for everyone across 8 live basketball sessions per week, with an additional 3-4 sessions of interviews, education and games.

The schedule as outlined below is a starting point for the first two weeks, with a plan to expand further, should the interest warrant it.

Participants are asked to complete the online registration with the sessions that they’re interested in attending and before the session, they’ll be emailed the link to attend the live session that afternoon. All sessions will be conducted using Zoom. Eltham Wildcats’ Greg Jeffers stated “We’re in an incredibly difficult time. We know we have thousands of people missing their weekly basketball fix and we’d planned for a program that allowed free engagement for the kids to access as often as they like. Thanks to the work of our coaching team, we’re able to provide this program free of charge.”

The Wildcats have such a rich history; so many current and former players, coaches, referees, volunteers and administrators in Australia and now around the world that will engage in the program that are excited to be involved. “We workshopped the program with about 30 of our volunteers and one of the great suggestions was hearing about people’s stories and so we’re providing that with the opportunity for people to tune in twice a week to hear from special guests be interviewed and have a Q&A opportunity. Alice Kunek for instance will be in Poland for her interview as she prepares for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics!”

An additional feature of the program will be the Thursday night Coach Education session with a different presenter and target coaching audience each week and Friday night ‘Games’ night for fun, not necessarily basketball related activities. It isn’t hanging out with your mates at training and isn’t as good as beating your rival, but it is basketball and it does keep our Wildcats connected!


The schedule 


Monday 4-4.30pm Cub Squad 

Monday 5-5.30pm U15 Girls


Tuesday 4-4.30pm U12 Boys

Tuesday 5-5.30pm U12 Girls

Tuesday 7:00pm Player Interview


Wednesday 4-4.30pm U9 Girls

Wednesday 5-5.30pm U15 Boys

Wednesday 7:00pm Interview of a past player 


Thursday 4-4.30pm U9 Boys

Thursday 5-5.30pm 16 and Over

Thursday 7:00pm Coach Education session


Friday 5:00pm Game night




– Every session is free!
– Age groups are a guide as to the standard of the session, they are NOT a limitation!
– There will be a Lead session coach and multiple additional coaches on hand for feedback
– If it rains -the session is off
– Registration is a must. Do so once for a session and you’ll receive the weekly link for that session
– Coaches will rotate each week