Child Safety & Wellbeing

Child Safety & Wellbeing

Our Commitment to Child Safety

All children who are a part of the Eltham Basketball Club have a right to feel safe and to be safe. The wellbeing of the children in Eltham Basketball Club will always be our first priority and our Club has a zero tolerance to child abuse.

Eltham Basketball Club aims to create a child safe and child friendly environment where children feel safe and have fun and our Club’s activities are always carried out in the best interests of the children.

At Eltham Basketball Club, everyone must operate within our accepted ethical framework, including Basketball Victoria’s Codes of Conduct, Basketball Victoria’s Member Protection Declaration, Victorian Working with Children Checks and Eltham Basketball Club Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy and Code of conduct.

Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club is proud of our community of children, young people, families and volunteers who work together to create a wonderful child and family friendly club which is safe and inclusive. Furthermore, we have an ongoing commitment to provide children and young people with safety and protection whilst in the care of our Club.  Thereby, promoting high standards of care and safe practices, and to assist staff and volunteers to make informed and confident responses to specific child safety issues.

The Victorian Government have introduced legislation that requires all sporting organisations that provide sporting services to children to implement Child Safe Standards. As a result the Club has a put together a Child Safety and Wellbeing committee, who are responsible for ensuring that policies are reviewed and updated and that training exists for committee members, volunteers, coaches, team managers, assistants and employees on child safety matters. The Child Safety and Wellbeing committee is also responsible for identifying and managing risk relating to child safety.  This committee has developed a Child Safety Policy, Child Safety Guidelines, a Child Safe Code of Conduct and an Incident Reporting form to support this.

We are looking for new members to join the Child Safety and Wellbeing committee – we meet monthly on a Thursday 6pm (usually the second Thursday of the month) If you are interested please let Rachel Morgan know via email

All organisations working with children are required to engage a Child Safe Officer/s. These people are familiar with the responsibilities associated with mandated reporting and who these apply to. They also understand the requirements that our Club needs to meet in order to comply with government regulations surrounding child safe environments.  The identification of a Child Safe Officer/s provides children, young people, families and volunteers with a clearly identifiable support network in the event of a suspected child safety issue. However, this does not remove the statutory obligation of all adults to report child abuse as per the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) and Mandatory Reporting regulations.

The Eltham Wildcats Child Safe Officers are appointed by the committee and available to listen, discuss and clarify issues raised by individuals at the club. Players, members, employees, volunteers and committee members can all speak with the Club Child Safe Officer if they have questions or concerns in relation to child safety. Should concerns be raised, the Club Child Safe Officers will implement the Policy.

The Eltham Wildcats Child Safe Officers are currently Rachel Morgan; Leanne Sheean; Leanne Giardina; Kristy Dodwell. They can be contacted via email: or by phoning the Club office.

Child Safety Officers will be able to:

–  Act as a source of support, advice and expertise to the Eltham Wildcats community of children, young people, families and volunteers on matters of child safety.

– Work with the Eltham Wildcats Child Safety and Wellbeing committee to assess risks to child safety within the organisation and develop procedures to minimise this risk

– Ensure the Club undertakes correct screening of all volunteers and employees according to the current legislation

– The Child Safe Officers can also be the first point of contact for members who have concerns about a child or young person within the organisation or group and they may

– Provide advice and support to assist the member with making a report.

– Be alert to the specific needs of children in need and those with special educational needs

– The Child Safe Officers may provide training to committees, coaches, managers and volunteers or the broad membership of the Eltham Wildcats.

– Ensure their skills up to date with appropriate training carried out every two years.

Child Safety and Wellbeing Code of Conduct Eltham
Child safety and Wellbeing Incident Report form
Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy Eltham Wildcats Club
Child Safety Reporting Process

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