Australian Club Championships – Day 3

U14 Boys: Eltham 81 def Norwood 23

Top scorers: H. Stones 18 points, A. Stratov 16 points

We were expecting a very tight and physical game and the first quarter certainly delivered that. Slowly our defensive pressure took control of the game and allowed our offence to flow at the other end. A 20-point half time lead held us in good stead and the second half the boys extended the lead through tough team defence and well executed offence.
A great all round effort from all the boys today lead to the 81-23 final scoreline. Tomorrow morning we have another big game against Illawarra and the boys are hoping to carry the momentum from today into tomorrow.

U14 Girls: Eltham 31 def by Dandenong 50

Top scorers: D. Ananiev 9 points, A. Temos 8 points

Box score

It was time to get ready physically and mentally to come across the VC grand final winners Dandenong. We knew we had to fight for a hard game. We started off brilliantly in the first half only down by few points. We were hitting it hard executing our plays and playing hard defence, we were doing that extra 1% D’Wayne was talking about, diving on loose balls, sprinting from coast to coast.
We held a solid position until half time hit. Our shots stopped dropping, we started being lazy thinking that the game was already over. Dandenong ended up pulling away further and further until it was about 20 points. At the end of the game after the disappointment we realised we were up against one of the best teams in Australia and we fought hard. Inspiring quote for all the Eltham young ones “I’ve failed over and over again in my life… and thats why I succeed” – Michael Jordan
Written by Dyani Ananiev and Maddie Pouflis