Child Safety and Wellbeing Coordinator

The Eltham Wildcats are pleased to announce a new staff member in a newly created position, with the appointment of Sophie Foote as the ‘Child Safety and Wellbeing Coordinator’.

To be based primarily from the club’s office, the new role is an important move, one that has been able to come about thanks to Jason McClintock and the sponsorship of Jasco Consulting for the club’s ‘Wellbeing Program.’ Jason explained his approach to the club: “During the COVID lockdowns, I think we could all see things were hard for people, but I felt for the kids and thought I could help. Eltham from my very first approach has been clear that this is a new position they’d been aiming to implement, and it fits perfectly with one of the ways I wanted to help”.

Sophie’s appointment will have her working with each area of the club to ensure policy and process has child safety and the wellbeing of participants at the front of mind. CEO for the Eltham Wildcats Greg Jeffers explained “Since undertaking a review of our club in 2019, our volunteer panel made a recommendation that a staff member be appointed to ensure the areas of child safety, mental health, inclusion and wellbeing for all was catered for, and that’s exactly what we have now done. We’re very lucky to have current and past players comfortable speaking about past experience and challenges they’ve faced. This now means that inclusion, mental health and child safety aren’t a second thought; this forms the base level for us to develop the role further in the future”.

Sophie Foote is a 22 year old former Wildcat player. Having played through the club programs up to the U23 Victorian Youth Championship and Big V State Championship Women’s level while also working in the club’s administration and venue management team, Sophie has a strong grasp of the Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club. Sophie has also been a volunteer on the Child Safety Panel, where she has brought input to the group from her past experiences with the Wildcats.

Chair of the Child Safety and Wellbeing Panel, Rachel Morgan, spoke to the appointment of Sophie: “From the moment this position had the potential to become a reality, Sophie had already set about putting in work. Greg and I interviewed her, but it turned into a presentation by Sophie! We were blown away, as she proposed her plans, vision and growth for the position for the next 12 months. It was extraordinary, but it was proof we had the right person for this position, someone passionate about the industry of child safety and wellbeing, and also passionate about the Wildcats and looking after our members and their families”!

That same passion was made clear to Jason McClintock when he first met Sophie. “She truly just blew me away. Her plans and passion for the role she was stepping into; you couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Sophie starts with the club on Monday 15th March 2021. The role is initially set for a 12 month period, with plans to make it a permanent fixture of the Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club for the years to come.