COVID-19 Update – Tuesday 20th July

Today is a tough day. As much as we knew it was likely, in reality it is a tough bite to swallow. Regardless of adults or kids, it creates its own challenges and issues for all of us, no two ways about it. However, that is the key point, we all face new challenges and new difficulties, and our social connection is more important than ever before. The majority reading this are parents of our players and so I generalise, but it carries across all areas of our association – check in on that volunteer coach that has been helping your child on a Saturday. Just a message or a call to say hello. Whilst we all have routines, the coach also has basketball as part of their routine and the hour or two they spend at basketball coaching your child is an enjoyable one. This carries however to your Referee Coach, your mentor in the Administration program or as I said earlier; across every area of our association.

In exciting and positive new, the stadium at Montmorency SC is moving ahead quickly. Please find the photo below demonstrating how things currently look! Also linked to this piece is some advice from our Mental Health Ambassador Anneli Maley. Anneli is a star basketball player who grew up playing all her basketball with our club. She shares some special reminders for people in our community to remember. Anneli is authentic and genuine in her messaging and I’d highly recommend you and your children have a listen. She is a very special young lady that we’re incredibly proud to have had come through our programs and still with us today.

Behind the scenes, exactly as they did last year; our staff are planning, then replanning as to how a return will look. The goal is to ensure every player gets value for money spent on our programs. Hopefully those that have been with us throughout COVID will attest to this. As things stand, this is what we’re planning for. To be clear, dates and information are not confirmed, but give you a sense of what we’re working toward.

Junior Domestic (Saturdays):
We took registrations that covered 12 games despite the season being 15 games in length and I said as much in my pieces. We’d anticipated that some sort of lockdown was likely. To ensure we kept children on the courts and active, we offered throughout the holidays for teams to train at no cost which saw over 400 training sessions take place. We’re working with the EDJBA currently on plans to finish the season. Those that have been with us, know that in typical seasons, you pay for the finals separately of the regular season. We’re working on a solution whereby all teams will play Semi Finals and Grand Finals in a Top 4 and Bottom 4 finals series, which will be at no cost, covered by your registration fees. This will be a significant financial impact on the club, but the fairest thing for all participants and ensures everyone gets 12 rounds of play. We’re working on the theory of games resuming Saturday 31st July. Trainings to resume as soon as we possibly can.

Each result not played, is being counted as a 2-2 draw on the ladders.

For those interested in playing Junior Championship as well in 2021/22 we’ll be offering programs targeted toward preparing for championship once basketball resumes. They are likely to be on a Sunday evening at Montmorency, based on current planning.

Junior Championship (Friday nights)
As it stands, the second instalment of registration fees due for May were not sent out, as we went into lockdown. We chose to hold them off given the uncertainty. Our Finance Committee met last night and the discussion was had around a discount being in place for that second instalment. More information to come, but typically the second instalment is $150. These registration fees cover court hire costs and operational/admin of the program. As with Junior Domestic, throughout the holiday period, teams were provided the opportunity to train at the venues of which the majority took the opportunity to take. As soon as we have an indication that a return is likely, we will have the second instalment sent out.

I have had a lot of people contact the office about next season for Junior Championship. We’ll release registrations for trials shortly, but trials will happen in the first weeks of Term 4, so you haven’t missed anything yet!

Beginner and Development Programs (Kinder, Cub Squad/Aussie Hoops, Game Ready, Skills & Drills etc)
These programs will be communicated with individually by Jacob Burnham as our Operations Manager. Each program is different based on starting dates and the different ways they’ve been affected. Providing value for money for all participants is the goal.

Senior Domestic:
With great work by Jacob Burnham our Operations Manager, we managed to have Grand Finals completed and grading started! With the new payment system via TeamPay it does make things a lot easier for the majority of teams. Jacob will remain in contact, but we’re hoping games can return by the first week of August at the latest. As many will know, we’ve offered the opportunity to return via the courts for training first and if that fits with the restrictions opening and works then we’ll happily look at doing that again.

What else?
As I’ve previously announced, we’ll have a range of additional programs including those for Domestic players wanting to play Championship and Championship development programs. These are in addition to our ongoing beginner and development programs, normally available.

We’re preparing for new events to be held during the school holidays. Keeping an eye out for new programs and events for all ages.

As soon as we have more to share we will do so. Please reach out to other people. You might be ok, but just a 5 minute chat to someone else, especially to those who’ve helped your kids, to those you’ve mentored or been mentored by; it could really make their day.

We understand every individual and family has been affected differently during this time and we hope we can be a support to anyone in need of assistance. It takes courage to speak up but when you’re ready we are here to support you! Feel free to reach out to the Child Safety and Wellbeing committee if you have any concerns and they will assist you to their best degree and link you with appropriate services and resources. All cases will be dealt with complete confidentiality.

Below are a number of national supports links and numbers we encourage you to share with those around you. National supports: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:
– Lifeline: 13 11 14
– Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636
– Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800  / Online chat:
– 1800RESPECT: 1800 737 732 – National assault and violence support Online chat:
– MensLine Australia: 1300 789 978 / Online/Video chat:
Other Supports: 
– QLife: 1800 184 527: – LGBTQIA+ Support  / Online chat:  Available 3pm – midnight, 7 days a week Lifeline Text: 0477 13 11 14  Available from 12pm to midnight, 7 days a week
– Lifeline Chat:   Available 7pm to midnight, 7 days a week

Take care, stay safe and we look forward to being back on the courts sooner rather than later!

Greg Jeffers
Eltham Wildcats Basketball
Chief Executive Officer


Cancelled until Tuesday 27th July 11:59pm (or until advised):
❌ Junior Domestic trainings & games
❌ Senior Domestic competition
❌ Kinder Club, Cub Squad Aussie Hoops, Skills & Drills, Walking Basketball
❌ Junior Championship (VJBL) trainings & games
❌ Big V Youth League/NBL1 trainings & games