First Instalment – Eltham Wildcat Junior Championship

All Championship players are required to be financial and registered members with Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club Inc.

Please ensure you read the following information then pay online using the link at the bottom of the page. Payments will NOT be taken at the office.

– Initial Fee per family as follows – DUE 12th DECEMBER 2019

1 child playing Championship = $207.80

2 children playing Championship = $311.70

3 or more children playing Championship = $415.60
(3.9% Fox Sports Pulse Fee included in the price above)

– In March 2020 an account will be issued to each family for the remainder of the fees – this will be distributed via the Team Manager.  The amount which a family pays depends on various factors including:-

(a) if the family has more then one child playing

(b) if there is a family member who is coaching or assistant coaching a championship team, a championship team manager, or involvement with a Club Championship task.

(c) whether the team has qualified to play in VC.

These deductions & additions will be made accordingly on this account.

– An indication of fees (standard) payable before deductions & additions are applied is as follows

One player $430 – Two players $755 – Three players $1010 – Four players $1280 (includes processing fee)

Please note, if accounts are not paid or alternate arrangements made, by the 12th December 2019, players WILL NOT be able to participate in either games or training with their team. Their name will not appear on the printed scoresheet & adding a name will forfeit the game.

If you have any queries please contact Jordan Canovan

Follow up on fee outstanding after the due date will incur a $20 Admin Fee

Click here to pay first instalment