Glaze Released from Contract

The Eltham Wildcats have released Grandy Glaze from his contract effective immediately.

Grandy was recruited late in the off-season for the inaugural NBL1 season. His efforts on the court were valuable to the team, but both parties agreed that his return to Canada to play in competitions there, was going to be a mutually beneficial result.

The Wildcats introduced Australian Geremy McKay to the group on the weekend and are investigating a suitable replacement to take the second import position as Chief Executive Officer Greg Jeffers stated; “We believe Geremy has the character traits and a strong club first attitude that we’re looking for in a player to fit the Wildcats mould.

“Progress has already taken place on finding an additional player to suit our club and our community. Whilst it is disappointing to have Grandy leave us so quickly, he has needs that need to be met, as do we and decisions need to be made to suit everyone and we believe we’ve done that.”

The Eltham Wildcats face their first double header weekend in the NBL1 2019 season, as they travel away to Dandenong on Saturday evening; to then return home on Sunday to face Launceston at 12.30pm (Women) and North West Tasmania at 2.30pm (Men) at Eltham High School. Purchase your tickets on the below link as we welcome our first interstate visitors for 2019.

Tickets: Click here