Junior Championship Basketball is an advanced standard of competition played over three different, graded levels, of competition. Championship Basketball comes under the umbrella of Basketball Victoria and is played between, principally, the various Metropolitan Associations, in the metropolitan areas. Teams at Championship level are selected on the basis of ability and other factors, as players in Championship teams are representatives of our Club, in the wider basketball community. Our local domestic competition is open to all players who want to participate.

The highest level of the Championship competition is called The Victorian Junior Championship League, and includes a few country teams such as Ballarat and Bendigo. Whilst it is not common, some beginners, who have been playing basketball for some time, can reach this level in their first season.

The next level of competition is called The Victorian Junior Basketball League, Metropolitan Divisions 1 – 4. Teams participating at this level, complete an extensive grading phase to determine in which division they will compete.

The final levels of competition are two regional competitions named “Eastern Qualifying” and “North West Conference”. These competitions provide opportunities for many players to experience championship basketball, whilst still developing. Both Regional Conferences provide strong and intense competition, for developing players, just over a more restricted area and at a lesser standard than the Metro Divisions. Games at all levels are played, broadly, on a home and away basis.

The new season commences in October with some practice games conducted as a part of the team selection process. The 1st grading phase commences in November and concludes prior to Christmas depending on which grade a team is qualifying in. After Christmas the 2nd grading phase commences and concludes just prior to the start of the Main Championship Season which commences Mid March.


The purpose of the Eltham Wildcats Championship Programme is to develop teams, coaches and individual players to the maximum level that their ability permits.

The programme is designed for those who are committed to achieve, and prepared to work hard and make sacrifices to stretch their ability.

At Victorian Championship level the Club aspires to win premierships and gain representation in finals series. The Club has a proud record in regard to the latter and in its consistent achievement of representation in the top grade. Its teams over a twenty-year period have been among the top six in Association performance.

Representation at the highest level also allows facilitation for the possibility of individuals to achieve State representation, to train with elite squads and to prepare for playing in elite senior leagues.

At all levels the Club aspires for its teams to realise their potential, to qualify for as high a grade as possible and to enjoy success in their grade. We believe the variety of opposition, the prestige of the competition and the more stringent demands of championship competition at Metro and East level, provides special opportunities for development over and above those provided by domestic competition.

Eltham Wildcats provides more teams at most other levels than any other Association. We are proud of the quality of our teams in an age cohort. They have performed consistently well against higher ranked teams from other Associations.


Championship basketball is only for players with a serious intention to achieve and to contribute to team performance even when this involves some sacrifices to the individual. Consequently, the following are expected:

1. Attendance at all games and practices except where illness or important family obligations necessitate otherwise.

2. A dedication and commitment from the player to training, learning new skills, and fitting into a team pattern. Team training should be supplemented with individual home practice of fundamentals during the week.

3. Co-operation in the observation of championship and team rules relating to uniform, warming up and conduct on the court and bench.

It is important that the family supports the player with these commitments. There are rules concerning continued involvement in Saturday basketball that should be consulted.


Basketball is a tough game with quite a lot of legitimate physical contact and eager team spirit is encouraged. However all actions when representing Eltham Wildcats must be within the bounds of sportsmanship. The Club disapproves and will penalise conduct that is undisciplined, dangerous or degrading to other people. Vilification of any kind is disallowed. Players must respect referees. Supporters are asked also to observe Club Policies and Philosophy.

SELECTION OF TEAMS: Boys and Girls selection processes are different. 


Tournament involvement is an important part of the Championship Programme. Except in the case of long term family commitments, all players are expected to be available for the Eltham tournament, usually held over the Australia Day Long Weekend, in late January. It is also expected that teams be involved in at least one or two other tournaments throughout the year. Teams are encouraged to make plans early so families are aware of the expectations.


Families involved in Championship basketball have as their first point of communication, the Team Manager, who is appointed to manage the team. Fixtures are available on the internet by visiting the VJBL website at Any changes are communicated to the Team Manager by the VJBL delegate.

Issues, such as court time, individual player development & etc., should be discussed with the Coach at a mutually convenient time.

Wider issues can be raised with the relevant Committee or Co-ordinator. Please approach same for advice, information and guidance.

The Club seeks to publicise the successes and major events of teams through the Club newsletter “Prowl”, website, the notice boards and other bulletins. General information concerning venues, a weekly association bulletin, results and ladders are posted on a championship notice board, at the Eltham High Venue.


The Championship Boys and Girls Programmes are overseen by respective Championship Committees. In order to provide the views of a broad cross-section of our community, the committee members consist of administrators, coaches and parents. In turn, these Committees are ultimately responsible to the Eltham Club General Committee.

Please view the separate Boys and Girls Championship Information for trial dates and specific requirements regarding these two separate programs.


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