Honour Board Update

Eltham Wildcats Members,

Re: Honour Board Update

Many of you would have noticed that the Eltham Wildcats Honours Board displayed at EH1 has not been updated since 2013.

A Sub-Committee was appointed in March 2021 with its recommendations approved at the General Committee Meeting in July 2021 as follows:

1. Current location and content not practicable going forward,

2. Any physical update would be made when EHS was being renovated,

3. Preference for updated Honours Boards to be displayed in the tunnel between courts 2,3 and 1. At a minimum, this would include Life Members (including PMBA Life Members) and Elected Positions.

4. Elected Positions to be designated:

a) Presidents
b) Senior Management/Venue Admin
c) Secretaries
d) Treasurers/Finance Managers

5. Complete update of all awards to be included on the Club website with the inclusion of the following information:

a) An explanation of the meaning and a description of the criteria for each award;
b) Where dates have not been included an estimate of which decade the awards were given as a minimum with dates to be included for all awards in the future;
c) For the Stephen Courtnay and Albert Clarke awards a short summary of the contribution both made to the Club;
d) Short summary of the contributions of each Life Member;
e) Change the “Outstanding Club Service Award” to “U16 Club Service Award”.

In regard to the physical location of the Honours Board, much has happened since July 2021 with the new offices at Montmorency Secondary College a key factor. We will now display all the awards in the glassed display sections outside the new offices with this being replicated (for the major awards) at Eltham High between courts 2,3 and 1. We are hoping to complete the renovations at Eltham High in 2023.

We have also been preparing the information to be included on the Club’s website. The first of these updates is for Life Members and is now on our website. Special thanks to David Hickman (Club Founder) for preparing this information and for the assistance provided by Cathy Cukier, Myra Heaslip and John Matthews.

However, we acknowledge that some of the summaries may include errors or not have noted all relevant achievements. Please contact the Wildcats Office if you think any adjustments are required.

We would also encourage members to review the Life Membership Policy included under “Club Policies” in the “About Us” section of our website to understand the criteria for this prestigious award and the process required should you wish to make a nomination.

We have nearly completed our update of all the other awards and will advise once these are also on our website.

Go Wildcats,

Peter Meehan – President