Mental Health and Wellbeing Partnership with headspace Greensborough

Over the last five years the Eltham Wildcats have gradually developed our resources and support for promoting positive mental health, but also providing support and awareness to our members and their families. This initiative started with our funding of 22 leaders from across the club completing a Mental Health first responders course, becoming ‘Mental Health Ambassadors,’ through to the formation of the ‘Wellbeing Panel’ who continue to advise the Eltham Wildcats on operational and strategic direction in all areas of Wellbeing and Welfare.

We are pleased to take our commitment to supporting the ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ of our community to the next level by announcing a new partnership with headspace Greensborough. The team at headspace Greensborough will provide support and resources to players, coaches, referees, staff, management and assist the Wellbeing Panel to ensure the community of the Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club have everything they require.

Eltham Basketball CEO Greg Jeffers believes the partnership will strengthen the current support systems that have already been established within the club.

“We can never do too much for our youth. We already have so many tremendous role models and mentors through our basketball programs, but we want to take that support for our youth further. Headspace provides free services (through Medicare) in Mental Health support, GP Doctor, alcohol and other drugs support and vocational, educational and training support for the wider local community. But in the immediate term, they’ve committed to helping us provide information sessions for parents, coaches, referees and players alike to help provide an easy transition back into sport with plans for further programs once basketball returns. We look forward to developing our relationship with Headspace and thank them for seeing value in working alongside the Wildcats.”

Service Manager for headspace Greensborough Kirsty Jungwirth is passionate about providing support for all levels of our Wildcats community.

“Eltham Wildcats is an incredibly progressive and inclusive club that has a large reach across the community, providing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to connect with each other and share their joy of basketball. It is a privilege to be invited to work closely with such an incredible sports community that provides so much compassionate and visionary leadership at all levels of the club from its players, families, coaches, team managers, staff and executive group. headspace Greensborough is incredibly excited to be involved in a partnership which will only strengthen over time. It has been clear during 2020, that we all need to support and connect with each other in a range of ways, and we look forward to extending our work with Eltham Wildcats over the coming years.”

headspace Greensborough is a welcoming environment where young people aged 12 – 25 years can access confidential & FREE support:

* Mental Health Support

* Doctor (GP)

* Practice Nurse

* Alcohol & Other Drugs Support

* Vocational, Educational & Training Support

headspace Greensborough’s services are FREE through Medicare. headspace delivers youth-friendly, stigma free services for young people aged 12-25 yrs and their families at a number of locations around Australia. The vision of headspace is to improve the mental and social wellbeing of young Australians through the provision of high quality health services, that are welcoming, friendly and supportive.

The first public event in the partnership will take place on October 27th at 6pm over Zoom. Aimed at parents and coaches it will focus on young people experiencing anxiety in the context COVID-19. Come and hear from headspace staff and members of their Youth Advisory Committee discuss symptoms of anxiety, what are some helpful interventions and what questions/ thoughts are young people are experiencing followed by an information session for our players a fortnight later. Eltham Wildcats and headspace Greensborough look forward to continuing to improve the support available to the Wildcat family.

If you are needing someone to reach out to, our Wellbeing Panel continues to support those who reach out at whilst you’ve also got the opportunity to contact Headspace on 1800 650 890 or if it is an emergency contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.