Summer 2021/22 Junior Domestic Teams Announced


Welcome to the Eltham Wildcats Summer 2021/22 season. Thank you for everyone’s patience as our volunteer convenors and staff have worked hard to ensure the children could be back on court as soon as possible. Not all venues are available yet for training and so you’ll find our solutions to those problems provided below. Whilst we do not want anyone to miss out, our priority is the return of children to the court and so in order for the majority to be able to return to basketball, we’ve put in place vaccination rulings to fit not just in one venue, but across all venues. We’ve worked hand in hand with schools and facility providers to have this in place. As rules change, we will work our facilities to change with them.

There is a 13 week season scheduled and your registration to the Eltham Wildcats covers a minimum of 12 games. If 13 are played, then that is a free bonus for all. Finals as normal, are charged separately on the day and will be played over two weeks. Our retail team have provided all participants with a $10 discount for our Wildcat Store, so make sure you check that below too!

One to mark in your diaries is our annual tournament, which is the largest in the world. From Friday 28th-Sunday 30th January it is the last weekend of the school holidays will give Domestic players the chance to compete against players from right across Victoria or if you’re lucky…. Teams from interstate and New Zealand. Over 13,000 players normally participate and we’d love to have your child play too! With age groups from U10-U20 and all levels able to play, we invite you to register your interest when registrations open in the next fortnight. The Eltham-Dandenong Junior Basketball Tournament is truly an event your child will never forget, with the chance to play 4 games in just a couple of days!

Vaccination Status and Entry Rules: In order for the Eltham Wildcats to operate in our venues, we have undertaken an agreement with the following rules in place. These rules are to provide consistency across each site for the first week or until changes are made by our facility managers.

– Players, coaches, officials, staff and spectators aged 16 & over must be double vaccinated to enter venues for training and games from Friday October 29th until further notice (Medical exemptions allowed). Those aged under 16 are not required to be vaccinated at this stage

– For training – Each player under 12 years of age is allowed one spectator to attend. If aged 12 and over, no spectator is allowed. Parents are to drop off and leave. Coach and Team Manager are exempt from this

– For games – Players of all ages will be allowed 1 parent/guardian to attend and one child under the age of 15. Coach and Team Manager are exempt from this number.

The Eltham Wildcats will play games on Saturday November 6th despite the EDJBA cancelling games. This is due to the support of our local schools and Eltham Leisure Centre who all understand the importance of getting children active in community sport again. All Eltham Wildcat teams will play their Round 1 of Grading on Saturday November 6th and the EDJBA have agreed scores for these games will be factored in for grading. All games will be between Eltham teams and played strictly in our Eltham venues. From 13th November, the rest of the EDJBA will resume competition with us.

Training (Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd November)

Teams training Monday, if you don’t plan on training this week (1st Nov), please email jacob:
Teams training Tuesday, sessions will NOT go ahead on the 2nd of November, to reschedule to a different day for this week ONLY please email

Welcome to the Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club for the 2021/22 Summer Season.

If you have any concerns or issues with selections, availability or alike, your line of communication is through the Age Group Convenor. Office staff or coaches are unable to assist and will rightly steer you back to the Age Group Convenor via email.

Team Numbers

What does the team number mean? It is nothing more than a guide. We do not expect the team numbers to grade in order from 1-20, in fact we expect them to be out of order. There are a number of reasons for this such as, but not limited to; friendship requests, training requests and game time requests.

Player Not listed on any team 

First, please double check you have looked through the relevant age group of your child. If a name does not appear on any team list it might be because the player has not been registered. No player can participate in a team until they are registered. These players are not insured, whilst as we come out of COVID, we’re under strict limitations as to who can enter.

If you realised you have not enrolled, please contact your respective Age Group Convenor.

Team Placement Queries

If you do wish to proceed with a request to review selection or correction of error, please contact only the age group convenor by email as listed in attachment.

The convenor will record your requests, and convey them to the selection committees. We will respond as soon as we consider that most requests have arrived, so they can be reviewed together. We emphasise talk only to the Age Group Convenor. Private arrangements with coaches will not be endorsed. Again, we please ask for your patience in regards to responses to any team selection queries.

Self-Coached Teams

All self-coached teams will need to submit a form for training to be allocated, this will allow us to assess if a training is required and that the appropriate supervision will be provided. Please click here to submit form

May we draw your attention to some helpful attachments below:

  1. Name not on the lists
  2. Training venue locations
  3. Issues of clash of singlet numbers
  4. Age Group Convenor contact details
  5. Teams without coaches
  6. For families with concerns about team selection

Wildcat Store

Please note the Wildcat Store will be open on the following times to purchase new uniforms:

Friday 5th November 4:00 – 7:00pm
Saturday 6th November 9:00am – 3:00pm
Wednesday 10th November 4:00 – 7:00pm
Friday 12th November 5:00 – 8:00pm
Saturday 13th November 9:00am – 3:00pm

Wildcat Store Exclusive Discount Code

We are excited to provide all participants in the Summer 2021/22 Junior Domestic Season with an exclusive $10 discount when purchasing Club merchandise via our online store (excludes Domestic/Championship singlets). Grab socks, t-shirts, hoodies, drink bottles and more by visiting the link below and entering the discount code upon checkout.

Code: domestic10

Code is only valid until 11th November.

EDJBA League Link

Eltham plays in a competition called the Eastern District Junior Basketball Association (EDJBA).

You can find the link to the EDJBA Website here – This is where you will find information about the league, and most importantly your game times. We expect the first round will be released some time mid next week.


Link to teams – Girls Team List (CLICK HERE)


Link to teams – Boys Team List (CLICK HERE)