Vaccination Update: 3rd December

Good afternoon Wildcats!

It wouldn’t be a Friday without the latest information on vaccination requirements! There are a couple of changes to get us through these last couple of weeks for 2021. We expect these to remain stable to close out the year.

Saturday Basketball (EDJBA) Games:
I am pleased to share that the EDJBA has (and will) scheduled games for the 4th and 11th December with some flexibility toward vaccination rules. Below is a list of venues provided by the EDJBA whereby the vaccination requirement is double vaccination for those aged 16+. In these listed venues, the EDJBA has fixtured as many U14 and U16 games as possible so that regardless of a 12-15yo vaccination status they can play basketball. In all venues not listed, the double vaccination requirement remains at 12 years and 2months and older. These are not exemptions to the Open Premises Document (OPD), they are venues which are able and willing under the OPD to implement a 16+ double vaccination requirement.

The Eltham Wildcats support this action being taken and congratulate the EDJBA’s Operations Manager Kirsten Holness on achieving this for the children for the next two weeks. For 2022, should the Open Premises Document remain the same, you can reasonably expect that it will see the double vaccination requirement in place across the board for those aged 12 years and 2 months, but as I’ve said over the last 20 months, we just can’t predict how things will be. With over 40 stadiums in the EDJBA and different schools, universities and third party facility managers, the vaccination status is a complex beast, but to provide some flexibility through fixturing to help us get to Christmas is a great result for the children.

Venues that are operating 16+ double vaccination for the 4th and 11th December in the EDJBA:

Alphington Grammar
Blackburn Primary School
Box Hill Senior Secondary College
Croydon Hills Primary School
Eltham High School
Greythorn Primary School
Manningham – Templestowe Leisure Centre
Princes Hill Secondary College
Thornbury High School
Balwyn High School
Boroondara Park Primary School
Bulleen Templestowe Basketball Stadium
Doncaster Secondary College
Fitzroy High School
Ivanhoe East Primary School
Montmorency Secondary College
Rangeview Primary School
Viewbank Primary School
Blackburn Lake Primary School
Box Hill High School
Collingwood College
Eltham College
Greensborough College
Manningham Donvale Indoor Sports Centre
Mullum Mullum Sports Centre
St Helena Secondary College
Warrandyte Secondary College

Friday Night (VJBL – Junior Championship) Games:
As this is a Basketball Victoria operated competition, the VJBL will remain with a uniform 12 years and 2 months double vaccination policy across all venues, with medical exemptions via the MyGov app applicable.

Training Sessions (all programs):
The following venues will be operating with a double vaccination requirement for those aged 16+ during the use of Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club:

– Eltham High School
– Montmorency SC (both stadiums)
– Viewbank PS
– Eltham College
– St Helena SC

Venues not named have a double vaccination requirement for those aged 12 years and 2 months.

There is no right or wrong answer to this situation, but at a Domestic/Community level the Eltham Basketball Club has lobbied to support children (aged 12-15) being able to play basketball at least until the year’s end regardless of vaccination status. I, nor anyone at the Eltham Wildcats can predict how things will be for 2022 and we respect everyone’s choice regarding vaccinations. As we have said since we came out of the first lockdown, the Eltham Wildcats will not have a policy on vaccinations as ultimately, we use facilities which for the most part are managed by others and so we are led by decisions that they make and we work with them the best that we can. We are a large junior sporting club however and so we have been vocal behind the scenes in supporting having children playing our sport at least until the end of the year, be that with Victorian Government, Local Council, facility providers, competition managers and Basketball Victoria. As I stated last week, each ‘body’ is making decisions that they feel is right by their members/community and that must be respected regardless of one’s personal view.

What happens following Christmas and in the New Year I cannot say with any confidence, but as I have tried to do on behalf of the Eltham Wildcats staff and General Committee over the last 20 months or so, I will aim to keep you informed step by step.

Good luck to our Junior Championship teams taking the court in a competitive situation for the first time tonight and good luck to our Junior Domestic teams taking part in the biggest weekly junior sporting competition in the country – the EDJBA.


Greg Jeffers
Eltham Wildcats Basketball
Chief Executive Officer