We’re Back – Covid-19 Update

It was great news to hear and read this morning, as Victoria can once again begin to re-open. Whilst sport and recreation is allowed to resume, basketball being an indoor sport, just takes a couple of extra hours to ensure measures are in place; that our facility managers are happy to open to external users and that we have Basketball Victoria’s recommendations understood.

With that, I am pleased to share that the Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club will reopen from tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

Introductory/Development Programs (Cub Squad, Kinder Club, Inclusive Basketball and Skills and Drills): all resume as per normal training schedule with a maximum of two (2) spectators per participant

Junior Domestic Teams: Training will resume as normal, with a maximum of two (2) spectators per player for training sessions and games across all home and away venues. Note that teams will be offered the chance to make-up their game from 13th February, by rescheduling to the Saturday or March long weekend. This will be an ‘Opt-out’ situation, so please keep an eye out for this.

Junior Championship Teams: Training to resume as normal with a maximum of two (2) spectators for training per player. For games, it is important to check the document circulated to Team Managers from the VJBL regarding spectator numbers. Some venues around Melbourne/Victoria are still capping at one (1) spectator per player, so please double check this before Friday’s game. The VJBL Calendar for grading has been pushed back a week. So games from the 12th Feb, are being played this Friday 19thFeb. U21’s will not resume until February 26th.

Senior Competitions: Operate as scheduled.

NBL1/Youth: Train as planned

It is critical that the Wildcats and the entire basketball community continues to play its role in doing the right thing. Our game day staff will once again be vigilant, ensuring the Victorian Government requirements are met. Without them doing so, whether COVID breaks out of not, we put our club at great risk. I’d appreciate you working with our young administration and game day team.

Some of these important rules include:

  • Those aged over 12 must wear facemasks inside the stadiums, unless medically exempt
  • Coaches must coach in a facemask. We’re aware of a number of our teams with players having hearing impairments and exemptions can be made here when needed
  • Referees and players (over 12) must wear facemasks into the venue, can play/referee without them, but must put them back on following their game
  • We must maintain social distancing and Personal Hygiene with the provided sanitiser

Well done and thank you to everyone for your patience on this. Hopefully this is the first and last time we have a ‘circuit breaker’ to deal with and from here on in we continue playing on a weekly basis.

Best wishes
Greg Jeffers
Chief Executive Officer