The Eltham Basketball Club is dedicated to providing the most extensive development opportunities for its players.

The launch of our “Guide to Player and Coach Pathway” outlines the path that our players can take through the Eltham Basketball Club. Starting from Kinder Club, progressing through Aussie Hoops and then into the mainstream basketball competition system, the Eltham Basketball Club is a unique setup where you are always considered a Wildcat! There is no need to represent a club at this level, another club at that level, you start a Wildcat and you finish a Wildcat!

Our Development Program Stream is one of a kind. It is designed to provide every competitive player in the club an opportunity to get further development outside of their normal team training, should the want it. Our coaching team is now one of the best across the country and they are dedicated to helping our Wildcat junior players.

See below for an explanation of our Development Programs available.

Invitation Only Programs:

High Performance Program (HPP) –An invitation only program targeted towards athletes who are aiming to progress their basketball to an elite senior level. Each week the athletes are committed to one on court session a week, two gym workouts with a personalised training program and will be undertaking a Certificate Education program.

Approximate number of athletes: Maximum of 15 athletes (boys and girls combined)

Target age bracket –Bottom Age 18s to 20s

State Performance Program (SPP) – Eltham will be an accredited Basketball Victoria provider of this program. It will provide one x one hour session per week between October and the end of May. This is an invitation only program and invitations are decided through coordination of Basketball Victoria and Eltham Basketball Club. Athletes at this level are aiming for selection into Basketball Victoria’s NIT Program for the following year.

Approximate Number of Athletes: Between 20-25 players (boys and girls combined)

General target age bracket: -Top Age 16s to Bottom age 18s

Eltham Development Athlete Academy (EDA Academy) –Specifically designed to be the underpinning program to the State Performance Program. This is an invitation only program, where athletes will complete one by one hour session on court each week with experienced coaches. Athletes within this program are aiming to make the State Performance Program and Basketball Victoria’s NIT Program.

Approximate number of athletes: Between 20-25 players (boys and girls combined)

General target age bracket: Top Age 14s to Bottom age 16s

Wildcats Identification Academy (WIA) -An invitation program created for domestic players. The players complete one training run after school and one afternoon of matches each week. Players are being prepared for championship basketball through experienced skills and game coaching.

Target age bracket: Players around the Under 8 to Under 10 age groups in EDJBA

Further Development Programs Open to All:

Skills & Drills: Our Skills & Drills is open to anyone from domestic level players from Under 9’s, and 11’s who want to brush up on their skills, learn from our experienced coaches who will teach championship like drills as part of the development program.

The program is designed for domestic players who may want to play in a Championship Teams (Friday Night) one day.

Small Group Development Sessions: Several of our senior players of past and present will conduct skill development sessions for 4-5 week periods. As we have conducted in the past, the programs will consist of just four players, so individual attention is a priority.

Individuals Sessions: As we have done in the past, we will provide a high quality coach, to provide individual trainings to players.

Holiday Camps: While everyone else was providing child care over the holiday breaks, we started providing basketball development camps. This will continue in 2014 with a variety of education and development opportunities each holiday period.

How to Get Involved?

For the invitation programs, you will receive an invitation via email or post. This will contain details as to how you register for the program.

All other programs will be advertised on our website. Obviously some programs will have more places available than others, but our goal is to provide opportunities for all Eltham Wildcats players to improve their skills and experiences in basketball.

Registrations for programs will be available online, but will also have a hard copy version available.


Guide to our Player and Coach Pathway