Elite Performance Breath Workshop

The Elite Performance Breath Workshop is perfect for athletes who are trialling for a Friday night Junior Championship team or players interested in improving their performance. The 1-hour session will be conducted by Sophro Australia and will help athletes deal with pressure, anxiety and stress.

The 1-hour session will cover:

– Optimal breathing – Improved Oxygenation to the brain, muscles, and tissues for better sleep & performance

– Warm up breath work

– Recovery breathing work

– Mind body connection technique for on and off the court.

– Self-awareness, creating a calm, alert mind, and relaxed body.

The workshop will be run by Sophro Australia – Sophie Nolis, and the intension is the help athletes deal with pressure, anxiety, and sports performance.

Participant benefits: (best results happen when exercises are practiced as part of daily routines)

– Improved sleep and energy

– Easier breathing and reduced breathlessness during exercise

– Improved oxygenation of working muscles and tissues

– Reduction in lactic acid build-up and fatigue

– Improved energy and VOP2 Max (The maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilise during exercise)

– Improved endurance performance

Date: Wednesday 28th September
Venue: Montmorency Secondary College function room (27 Simms Rd, Montmorency).
Cost: $20
Session 1: 4:30pm – 5:30pm for U12’s & u14’s
Session 2: 5:30pm – 6:30pm for U16, U18 & U20’s

Register: https://www.cognitoforms.com/ElthamWildcats/ElitePerformanceBreathWorkshop