Optimal Recovery Tips

Acute Injury Triage at the Eltham Dandenong Junior Basketball Tournament 

Physios from the Optimal Health Lab will be attending the Eltham Dandenong Junior Basketball Tournament to provide free acute injury triage, tapping (bring your own tape) and more. OHL will be set up in the foyer at Eltham High School (30-60 Withers Way, Eltham) on the below dates & times.

– Saturday 26th January 1:30 – 3:30pm
– Sunday 27th January 5:00 – 7:00pm
– Monday 28th January 10:00am – 12:00pm

Hydration & Nutrition 

We all want to play at our best. Good nutrition is vital to ensuring you get the most from your body. In addition to food, drinking enough fluid to keep well hydrated plays an important role in optimising performance and general wellbeing. Read more: hydration and nutrition for performance – wildcats

Warm Up Program

We couldn’t tell you how commonly Physiotherapists hear an injury story that starts with ‘I didn’t have time to warm up’ or ‘I didn’t know what to do to warm up properly’. Adequately warming up our body is highly important for basic injury prevention, but it is also key to playing at your best. When our muscle systems are warmer, they also are better prepared to perform specific skills like a lay-up, changing direction quickly and jumping up for a rebound. Read more: Warm up Program

Injury Triage

Knowing what to do when you get an injury is tricky when you haven’t sustained injuries before, so as a physiotherapist I have created a list of advice/steps to help you plan best. Read more: increasing performance and injury triage for wildcats

Recovery Exercises 

Post game recovery strategies with the foam roller & spikey ball. Read more: Recovery exercises

Sports Psychology Tip

OHL Psychologist Harley de Vos provides you with some tips about dealing with pre game nerves, thoughts during the game, making mistakes and more. Read more: Sport psychology tips

Optimising Performance 

To enhance your performance, each player should consult with a team of experts to analyse all aspects of their game. These experts may include their current/previous coaches, parents and medical/ allied health staff with a sporting enhancement background. The role of this team is to reveal, discuss and plan improvement each player’s strengths as well as weaknesses. These strengths and weakness should be split into both physical skills, like vertical jump, and mental skills, like decisions under pressure and nerves before a game. Read more: Optimising performance

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