The Report: Round 10

Senior Men 
Eltham Wildcats 85 defeated McKinnon Cougars 76
J. Sykes 23 points/5 blocks, J. Canovan 15 points/8 rebounds, C. Cameron & J. Aver 12 points

In a game full of jaw dropping and mind blowing highlights the Eltham Wildcats found themselves in a battle only up two points going into the half time break. McKinnon won the third quarter 19-13 and looked like they were on their way to upsetting the Wildcats. A D. Stith dunk put the Cougars up by 9 points with five minutes remaining in the game. Eltham struggled to find momentum and once again looked to their defence to get them back in the game and once again it delivered. Locking down the Cougars who only scored 2 points in the final five minutes of the game while the Wildcats put the ball in the hands of J. Sykes who was able to score 9 points down the stretch to secure the win.

Senior Women 
Eltham Wildcats 50 defeated by Waverley Falcons 68
J. O’Shea 15 points/7 rebounds, J. Kitto 11 points, B. Renton & O. Bontempelli 8 points

The Wildcats came out firing in the first quarter jumping to an early 9-0 lead, but without Alice Kunek suiting up due to 3×3 Australian commitments Eltham were unable to find consistent scoring and the Falcons took over the game winning the remaining three quarters. Again Eltham battled hard and were only down 9 points starting the fourth quarter but were unable to get the points when it counted. O’Shea and Kitto were among the best.

Youth Men 
Eltham Wildcats 75 defeated McKinnon Cougars 59
C. Yammouni 27 points, B. Norris 13 points, S. Clarke 9 rebounds/8 blocks

In the first leg of their double header Eltham took on the McKinnon Cougars in the ‘National Volunteer Week’ Round. Eltham was in control for the majority of the game as a 29-18 final quarter led by the brilliance of Yammouni (27 points) and Norris who scored 12 points in the final quarter to ensure a hard fought win.

Eltham Wildcats 60 def by Dandenong 63
T. Clifford 16 points, C. Yammouni 15 points, O. Magbegor 10 points/11 rebounds

The Wildcats have lost their third game of the season at the hands of the Dandenong Rangers. The game went down to the final seconds with both teams deserving winners. M. Scherf missed a three point shot with 5 seconds remaining to tie the game but it wasn’t to be. The Rangers out-rebounded (59-40) the Wildcats which was the only real difference in the game.

Youth Women 
Eltham Wildcats 56 defeated Chelsea Gulls 53
M. Leris 18 points, E. Horsley 9 points/15 rebounds, T. Vine & J. Weddle 8 points

After being outscored in the first half (28-26) the Wildcats poured on 21-7 points in the third quarter and were able to hold serve in the fourth quarter to hang on for their second win of the year. The Wildcats switched up the defence forcing the Gulls to shoot from the outside and only allowing one shot opportunities as Horsley and Burrows dominated the boards. Chelsea had two three point opportunities to win the game and were unable to convert giving our girls a huge road win.