Intention To Trial

Intention To Trial

Eltham Wildcats – 2019/20 Junior Championship – Trials

Championship Basketball is an 10 month commitment. We seek to avoid the regular game times of other sports when allocating training times on weekends. Championship games, tournaments and trainings take priority over other activities taken up after selections.

Before you register your Intention To Trial please read the below information.


Players (and their families) interested in a position in one of our VJBL teams for the upcoming season should note that selection for these teams covers a range of processes and in some cases may have already begun. The current trialling period can incorporate many or all of the following facets:

> Current performance with existing teams and any special training which may be arranged.
> Coaches observing and investigating current players and discussing with previous coaches.
> At least one Friday nights of games against another team, trialling various team mixes.
> Squad trainings for prospective team members during the weeks after a trial session.
> Continued viewing and discussion of prospective players by/between coaches and advisors.

For further details about Selection Policies see the policy on the Eltham Club Website.


This is to inform players and their families of the obligations to which they are agreeing by accepting a position in the Championship program.

Attendance at all games and practices except where illness or important family obligations necessitate otherwise. Notification to the coach in these instances is essential.

A dedication on the part of the player to train hard, learn new skills and to fit into a team pattern. Training should be supplemented with individual practice of fundamentals during the week.

Co-operation in the observation of championship and team rules relating to uniform, warm-up gear, arrival time and conduct on court and bench.

Generally players in U12, U14 & U16 championship teams are required to participate in an Eltham Saturday team or their current domestic club with exception on the basis of a formal request to the Girls or Boy Championship Committee.

Players must pay their annual subscriptions by the required date (unless alternative arrangements have been arranged) otherwise they may be prevented from participating in games until outstanding monies have been paid.

Please contact the Championship Co-ordinators for current details of annual subscriptions. Families need to be aware of the travel commitments of Championship basketball that vary according to the level. The VJBL has undertaken some rearrangements to reduce travel, especially for younger age groups.

Families also must realise that any commitment by a player is for the ENTIRE season irrespective of later motivation. The family of any player who participates in Championship Phase Two will be liable to pay full fees for the entire season except in the case of serious injury/illness or substantial residential moves.

Absolute commitment to the Basketball Victoria & the Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club Codes of Conduct is required from players, their families and spectators. Violence and abuse will not be tolerated and reports can lead to extensive bans and other penalties.

By registering your Intention to Trial you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions described above and which will be outlined further in the Selected Player Agreements.

All players and families who accept a position in an Eltham Wildcats Championship team are required to sign a Selected Player Agreement indicating they have read, understood and will abide by the terms and conditions.


CLICK HERE   ** U21 Only **


After registration you will be emailed the times, dates and venues of each trial sessions once they have been confirmed. The first session will begin during the week commencing Sunday 6th October 2019 (first week of school term 4).

For more information please contact:

Boys: Kathy Maffei via