Junior Domestic Finals Information

Finals Fees
Team Sheet Fee (per team) – $45

Door Entry:

– Players – $3 (at the venue they play at)
– Spectators (over 12) – $3
– Spectators (12 and under) – Free
– Coaches – Free

Please be prepared to pay CASH or CARD. Some venues will take CASH ONLY, some venues CARD ONLY and some venues will have BOTH facilities available.

All teams must supply a competent scorer – finals are not the time for someone to learn to score. Scorers should remain at the score bench and check the online scores before the referee finalises the game.

Timing Regulations
There are different timing rules in finals. The rules will be included in the Finals Folder documents.  The rules for semi-finals and preliminary finals are:

– The clock stops on all time outs throughout the game

– The clock stops on all whistles during the last three minutes of the second half

– Time-outs can be called at any stage of the game (within basketball rules)

– In the event of a drawn game, extra period(s) of three minutes will be played with one minute break between each period, until a result is known. In each extra period, each team is entitled to one time-out each and the clock stops for every whistle and for time-outs

Grand Finals rules are different to semi finals and preliminary finals.

Finals Format
The general finals format is:

– Semi Finals – 27th August  – 1 v 2 and 3 v 4

– Preliminary finals – 3rd September – Loser 1 vs 2 plays Winner 3 v 4

– Grand Finals – 10th September  – Winner of 1 v 2 plays Winner of Preliminary Final

Age Group Format

Finals Structure

Player Eligibility 

– Any player who has filled-in for 5 or more games and isn’t registered with an EDJBA club and allocated to a team in PlayHQ does not qualify for finals

– Any player who has filled-in in for a second team and doesn’t have special permission to play in two teams does not qualify for finals in the second team

– If such players are added as a fill-in during finals without special permission the game will be a forfeit

– If a team requires a fill-in for finals, they must abide by the finals fill-in rules (see By Law 20 https://edjba.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/EDJBA-BY-LAWS-Updated-13-Sept-2021.pdf)

Finals fixtures are now avilable for this Saturday the 27th August via this link: https://www.playhq.com/basketball-victoria/org/eltham-wildcats-basketball-club/2b434ebe/edjba-winter-2022/0ad6013c/teams

Summer 2022/23 Registrations Now Available
Registrations are now open for the Summer 2022/23 season. For more information and to register please click here.