Strategic Plan

Following this note is our 5 Year Strategic Plan which has been developed by the Club’s Executive and 2 other members of the General Committee. We strongly believe that this document accurately reflects the Club’s Purpose, Vision Statements, Values, Strategic Goals and what we believe success will look like.

As part of this process we surveyed a representative sample of our members to provide feed-back on the key elements included in the Plan. Whilst the survey results provided great support for the Strategic Plan, there were issues raised that require action by the Executive and General Committee.

The 4 key matters are as follows:

1. Coaches’ Development and Support

This is an area that the Club has made several attempts to improve with varying levels of success. In conjunction with a proposal from the Joint Championship Committee we will establish a Working Group to first develop an appropriate structure for coaching at both the Championship and Domestic Level and then recruit accordingly. This will obviously take some time, but we are confident that this approach has the greatest probability of success in this key area.

2. Selection Processes

Historically, this has always been a difficult area to provide outcomes that will make everyone happy and, I am sure you will agree, will continue to be so. What we have learnt though is that we need to significantly improve our levels of communication to players and parents as to why certain selection decisions have been made and this will be a continuing focus for the Club.

3. Boys V Girls

It is clear that, in the past there had been, at the minimum, a perceived and in some cases a real bias towards the boys’ program which has largely been eliminated. What had remained, until recently, was a bias in the level of communication that had been provided in the Boys’ programs as opposed to the Girls’ programs which we are currently rectifying.

4. Great Words – Need to Deliver

This was a common thread in many of the responses and I can assure you that the Club is committed to the delivery of this strategy.

Peter Meehan
Eltham Wildcats Basketball Club

Strategic Report
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